Montréal Here We Come!

This is not the end! In two months I want to...

“Salvation belongs to our God,Who sits on the throne,And to the Lamb” - Revelation 5 & 7:9-10

Two Questions we all will answer: 
How would you like to see yourself spiritually two months from now (when you are back at CAK or at a university) and What is required for that to occur?
The things that God did here and the spiritual practices we adopted here won’t amount to much if we don’t bring those practices back home. The following notes are the responses from each one of us. Please continue to pray for the CAK Montréal team. Pray that in two months we would have experienced Jesus even greater than today. 

Cheap or costly grace?

Last Day Loves

Pursuing Intentionality

When God speaks to their heart

La Fête nationale à Montréal

A day of Québécois churches and miles of exegeting the city